Scientific Areas 

Scientific Areas and Area Chairs

Each of the above scientific areas is managed by an Area Chair as detailed below:


Area Chair(s)


Jeesun Kim, MARCS

Phonetics of Emotion;
Multimodal Phonetics;
History of Phonetics

Helen Fraser

Forensic Phonetics and Speaker Characteristics

Dominique Estival, Western Sydney

Speech Corpora and Big Data

Jenni Oates, La Trobe

Clinical Phonetics;
Speech Physiology

Catherine Watson, Auckland

Speech Technology;
Speech Acoustics

Jason Brown, Auckand

Phonation and Voice Quality;
Phonetics pedagogy

Katherine Demuth, Macquarie

Phonetics of first language acquisition

David Bradley, La Trobe


James Walker, La Trobe

Bilingual/multilingual phonetics;
Phonetics of sound change;
Phonetics of conversation and dysfluent speech

Titia Benders, Macquarie

Phonetics-phonology interface

Debbie Loakes, Melbourne

Phonetic Neurolinguistics; Phonetic Psycholinguistics

Jonathan Harrington, Muenchen;
Catherine Watson, Auckland

Speech Acoustics

John Hajek, Melbourne

Phonetics of Lesser Documented and Endangered Languages;
Field Methods in Phonetics

Brett Baker, Melbourne;
Erich Round, Queensland

Laboratory Phonology;
Phonetic Universals and Typology;
Speech evolution

Kimiko Tsukada, Macquarie;
Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen, MARCS

Phonetics of second and foreign language acquisition

Michael Proctor, Macquarie;
Robert Mailhammer, Western Sydney

Speech Production and Articulatory Phonetics

Cathi Best, Western Sydney;
Michael Tyler, Western Sydney

Speech Perception

Jen Hay, Canterbury;
Kevin Watson, Canterbury;
Lynn Clark, Canterbury

Phonetic variation (inter- and intra-speaker, social and language related)

Joanne Arciuli, Sydney;
Janet Fletcher, Melbourne;
Chris Davis, Western Sydney

Speech Prosody